"Treasure Hunt" SubGame at Nomos

Hidden around the Sim are 9 crates marked SPECIAL DELIVERY.

They can only be smashed open with the Nomos crow bar, which can be bought from Angry Bobs Surplus store at the bottom of Hill street.

These crates contain various things you may find useful such as physical health, mental health and social health.

They also may contain the chemical you need to create the vaccine which will cure the current virus active at Nomos. If you find the antigen, you should take it to the Hospital where you will find a Virotek machine which will convert the antigen to the Vaccine.


  • To open a box, just click on it first. If it is one of those "special crates", it will show a message in local chat. Then start smashing vigourously with the crowbar many times. They were sealed with special glue. :)
  • If you are in OOC Mode, in Training Mode, Unconscious or totally Insane (mental rate = 0%), you won't be able to use the crowbar.
  • All items from the boxes have no expiration date, unlike items produced by skilled players.
  • They can be used in Nomos only
  • The items can be transfered to anybody or you can use them on yourself.