Nomos : Ancient Books

Manager: Jaco Guisse

About the Ancient Books
How long is it since you saw a real book ? I know, its not so easy to find them since the digi book revolution kicked off. Well fear not, if bibliophilia is your kink then this is the place to indulge. They have some real old stuff here. Most of it is occult related and from the last century, but they still make for a fun read. It was opened a long time back by a guy called Spare, he seems to have disappeared one night in mysterious circumstances, like many of the owners since.
If you are a real dedicated believer, then I think they still run courses here in the occult arts, except its called Hoodoux a modern city mix of Voodoo and Chaos magic, with some old OTO ritual stuff thrown in for good measure.

Info from Current Tenant
A sign hangs in the Ancient Books window reading: "Under New Management; Now Hiring."

The Ancient Books shop has been abuzz with a newcomer to the city busily working day and night. The shelves are once more sorted, and the shop is now under his constant watch. Despite the ominous aura he can occasionally give off, the male introduces himself as, "Jaco," and he always seems to welcome those who want to browse the shop and unravel the secrets held with the weather worn books that line the stores walls.

Ancient Books offers a multitude of services, from the more mundane (buying, selling, and occasionally renting the books that line the shelves) to services that others often look at skeptically (supernatural and paranormal advice or investigations). But, no matter the request, the books that cover every available inch of counter space are guaranteed to help guide you to the answers of all your problems. Just remember, all services come with a fee of some sort..

Regardless, stop by Ancient Books and find something on our shelves to inspire you. Be it a worn book holding a story that you knew as a child and had forgotten or a new job opportunity.

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Rumor has it that occult practices go on within the confines of the Ancient Books store, however the new shop keep seems to be somewhat tight lipped about the subject. That doesn't stop the Ancient Books' staff from extending their supernatural solutions to those who seem to share an interest in the occult in secret.

Rental Info
Place Name: Ancient Books
Rental Status:VACANT
Minimum Game Age:7
Weekly Rent:250 G$
Cash Till Amount:377 G$
Before renting this business, check on Event Rules & Quota and read the RP Business Rules
Rentals cannot last more than 6 consecutive months, and after 6 months it must be become available to any applicants. Previous renters can apply as applicants of course. After 6 months, the rental renewal will be temporarily suspended.

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