Nomos : Alien

Manager: Lana Pomfret

About the Alien
The Alien club was opened by a Guy called Leon Kowalski some years back. Its location, beneath the old Reactor, made it unpopular with humans because of rumors of high radiation in the area, claims which Metrotek has gone to court many times to disprove. So the regulars, although they may look human, are most likely illegal Replicants or unlicensed Tins. There are also a few very dangerous Cyborgs known to use the place so Metropol run regular raids. Kowalski himself was arrested and imprisoned a year or so back for his involvement with some underground Replicant Gang who tried to break into the MetroTek labs and disrupt genetic experimentation being carried out there.
If none of the above bothers you, then say no more. Knock yourself out in what is in fact a pretty decent, very green, Rock club.

Info from Current Tenant
Club Alien Re-Opening
Manger: Merihim Overland
Co-Manager: Open
Not from this world? Feel alienated?
ALIEN Night Club is the only choice for you!
You will jump for joy over our delicious sushi, (non rat) our first class Mansynthe will tease your senses - or let us take you on a culinary excursion with your favorite dab of hand-selected blood.
Let our beautiful dancers caress your view while our mind bending DJ's take your body on a trip, with their hypnotic tunes.
Not for everyone - for YOU.
Sounds good? Why wait? You find us in the Northwestern corner of Nomos.

Alien - out of this world

Dj's may contact me about available shifts

All positions will be able to keep all their tips. Bonus's will be given on the amount of time and energy you put into the club.

Rental Info
Place Name: Alien
Rental Status:VACANT
Minimum Game Age:4
Weekly Rent:350 G$
Cash Till Amount:240 G$
Before renting this business, check on Event Rules & Quota and read the RP Business Rules
Rentals cannot last more than 6 consecutive months, and after 6 months it must be become available to any applicants. Previous renters can apply as applicants of course. After 6 months, the rental renewal will be temporarily suspended.

Future Events

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